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  • On This Goddess' Day, Ecolite Presents You 33,000 Roses, and Promises You a Beautiful Appearance to Last for Three Lifetimes

    Date: 8 March 2017

    8 March is a special festival for females, it's no more a simple and stereotyped "Women's Day", but a high-profile and dignified "Goddess' Day". Well, have our female compatriots received their festive gifts? Have they received fresh roses from their male compatriots?

    ————— Goddess' Day Gift Presentation Notice —————

    If you're a male compatriot living in Shanghai, and if you intend to buy any rose as a gift to somebody, you need to be careful, because all pink roses have been sold out this morning in Shanghai, the price of roses originating from Yunnan increased by 20 yuan per bundle, and many varieties like Pink Snowy Mountain, Diana, Black Velvet and Bright Pink no more available in each major flower shop in Shanghai.

    ————— The purchasing power on 3.8 Goddess' Day surpasses that on Valentine's Day? This must be "attributed to" AWE —————

    With the forthcoming advent of 2017 Appliance & Electronics World Expo (AWE) in Shanghai, each brand has been racing against time to be stationed there, and the shortage of roses in Shanghai must be "attributed to" AWE that'll start on 9 March!

    Well, who is the "Arch Rose Larcenist" in Shanghai? What're those roses bought for? If you come to Hall W2 of Shanghai New International Exhibition Center, you will probably know its cause and effect.

    The "Arch Rose Larcenist" that has contracted those roses in Shanghai is an upstart company, Ecolite Wellbeing (Guang Dong) Co.,Ltd., which is dedicated to introducing smart health and beauty products from abroad, and building an electronic business transaction mode characterized by full-link cross-border trade.

    It's reported that Ecolite has bought 33,000 plus roses on the early morning of 8 March for decorating its exhibition area at Shanghai AWE so as to create a romantic and aesthetic atmosphere that females admire. Ecolite intends to rely on these 33,000 plus roses to demonstrate the proposition of its brand about "Pay attention to females, and deliver health and beauty". Compared to the simple advertising and design elements at the exhibition areas of other brands, it's believed that the rosy exhibition area of Ecolite will become a major attraction during the AWE of this year.

    ————— Ecolite: Please take the roses and blessings for Goddess' Day! —————

    Ecolite has always attached importance to the life and health of females, and strived to make their life healthy and exquisite by introducing global leading brands singular in living and home life.

    At present, the brands for which Ecolite acts as general agent cover: YA-MAN, a Japanese brand of beauty appliances; Neato Robotices, an American brand of robot vacuums; TESCOM, a Japanese brand of small home appliances; VERMICULAR, a Japanese brand of enameled pots; GOSMIEL, an American brand of oral care; Marpac, an American brand of sleepmates; and Philip Stein, an American brand of watches and sleep bracelets.

    Ecolite is deeply aware that the desire to look attractive is universal, not even to mention the females of the new age; it's thus become the mission of Ecolite to provide from abroad more efficient and safer health and beauty products for them.

    Besides guarantee of products, Ecolite has also been working hard to improve logistics distribution and aftersales services, including setting up warehouses at the four key bonded areas, closely cooperating with superior logistics partners like S.F. Express and being the first ever to initiate 7 x 24 x 365 five-star aftersales services by engineers, in order to offer females tangible caring services and affordable authentic choice goods from abroad.

    For those women that savvy how to love themselves, every day is a Goddess' Day! Wish all goddesses a happy day!