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  • Ecolite Makes A Presence at Shanghai AWE

    Date: 22 March 2017

    The Appliance & Electronics World Expo (AWE) sponsored by China Household Electrical Appliance Association was held in Shanghai New International Exhibition Center from 9 to 11 March 2017.

    AWE exhibited comprehensively to the world the latest trend and cutting-edge technologies related to smart life in the future, and Ecolite also showed up at this gala with new household beauty appliances that combine technology and craftsmanship.

    (All brands represented by Ecolite)

    During the course of this exhibition, Ecolite has held 4 launches altogether. It has brought to consumers a luxurious array of new products, along with the collective attendance of many elites like Syntun CEO Gu Yi, notable fashionata Hou Cong.

    YA-MAN, No. 1 public company of beauty appliances in Japan, is dedicated to R & D of beauty, slimming and hair removal products, and, capable of realizing results comparable to a beauty salon at the price of a small household appliance, is deeply loved by oriental females.

    Tescom, a Japanese brand of small household appliances, has a history of 50 years and a tenet of upholding "beauty" and "health"; by virtue of more than 50 years' innovation, it launched the first ever negative ion hair dryer of the world in 1995; it launched the first ever hair dryer that adopts the collagen technology in 2013, which accounts for 70% of the hair dryers used in professional beauty salons; and it launched the first ever vacuum blender in the world in 2013, and its blenders have been sold the most in the Japanese market of blenders for 11 consecutive years 2004 through 2015.

    Neato Robotics, an American brand of self-navigating robot vacuums, is considered the smartest robot in the world; after precise comparison of those robots available in the market, many well-known technical analysts and technology assessors have given a very high opinion of Neato, which in turn becomes the top choice they recommend to consumers.

    Philip Stein, an American brand of watches and health products, is dedicated to developing the natural frequency technology. The two metal disks uniquely designed it adopts are able to help human body resist strong electromagnetic field, and reduce the effects of electronic pollution on human body; Philip Stein has its customers all over the world and can provide the most caring protection.

    Furthermore, there are also Gosmile, which is now a top better brand of oral care in USA, and Marpac, which is specially designed for insomniacs.

    Ecolite will go on taking the needs of consumers as its root for development, consistently listen carefully to the suggestions and requirements of its users, and carry on with innovation to bring to its consumers better experience and smarter lifestyle. At this exhibition, we have also elaborately prepared small gifts for those customers to arrive at the exhibition area of Ecolite. At Ecolite's booth in 2017 Shanghai AWE, be there or be square.