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  • 2017 YA-MAN Spring Collection Launch and Initiation of the Public Welfare Project of Care for Autistic Children

    Excerpted from: COSMO       Date: 9 March 2017

    It's a life-long pursuit of women to stay beautiful, and the beauty appliances under constant innovation are gifts presented to them by YA-MAN.

    On the afternoon of 9 March 2017, the launch of YA-MAN "Pretty as Flowers·A Smooth and Beautiful Metamorphosis" Spring Collection as well as the public welfare project of care for autistic children were held in the Shanghai New International Expo Center. The wall built on the site with 33,000 roses caught the attention of many media, industrial professionals and females keen on beauty.

    As a leader of the beauty appliance industry in Japan, YA-MAN has, in its history of nearly 40 years, achieved lasting breakthroughs in the R & D and production of beauty, slimming, hair removal, and cosmetic skin care products, created endless sale miracles in the beauty appliance market, won numerous awards for beauty products and been widely loved by Asian females.

    In 2015, YA-MAN joined hands with its Chinese general agent Ecolite to enter China, thus started a completely new cross-border journey, so as to bring more beauty products to Asian females.

    (The YA-MAN exhibition wall built with roses on the site)

    As the key figure connecting YA-MAN with the Chinese market, the chairman of YA-MAN's Chinese general agent Ecolite, Mr. Anderson Wang, made the opening address: "Metamorphosis" is a significant concept of YA-MAN, which refers not only to the facial metamorphosis it brings to the females at large, but also to the metamorphosis it pioneers in the whole industry by means of innovative products that're superior in technology and quality. Bring the changes in skin care to females and let each of them be able to enjoy salon-grade care at home. "

    (Chairman of YA-MAN's Chinese general agent Ecolite, Mr. Anderson Wang, made the opening address)

    The chairwoman of YA-MAN Ltd., Yamazaki Kimiyo, expressed, ‘2017 is the second year of YA-MAN'S entry into the Chinese market,. "Approve Users, Respect Users" is the brand concept of YA-MAN, and our drive for development and innovation too. YA-MAN will continue its spirit of brand innovation in the future, and uplift the user experience through contents such as product, experience and service.‘

    (The chairwoman of YA-MAN LTD., Yamazaki Kimiyo, delivered a speech)

    YA-MAN's veteran lecturer Oosawa Mai launched a new product, Rei Beaute Speedy Smooth, which, being equipped with a shaving and hair removal head, is capable of shaving while removing hair by irradiation. The light waves of color light developed specifically for oriental skin not only effectively remove hair but also beautify the skin and make it tender

    This new product, which is capable of 200,000 irradiations, and provided with 5 consecutive irradiation mode and lamps specially designed for facial and bikini areas, allows its users to easily solve the embarrassing problem of bodily hair, and achieve "smooth and beautiful" skin, just as the subject of this ceremony claimed.

    (Oosawa Mai launched the new hair removal product)

    During the ceremony, the daily skin beauty expert Xiao Mao has introduced ad hoc three star products: YA-MAN HRF-10T, YA-MAN HDS-30N and YA-MAN HRF-15P. By explaining in a professional way their usages and gains, and offering the females in general unique skin care tips, Xiao Mao furthered the interactive enthusiasm of the audience present there, resulting in an active atmosphere. Among these three, YA-MAN HRF-10T won the AWE Best Product Award at this exhibition, and has been readily accepted in the industry.

    (The daily skin beauty expert Xiao Mao introduced YA-MAN star products)

    Another highlight of this launch is the opening ceremony of "Bloom a Beautiful Life"-the public welfare project of care for autistic children cooperated by YA-MAN and Shanghai Hai Kang Bei Foundation. The founder of Shanghai Hai Kang Bei Foundation, Betty, told her personal experiences, and this foundation is intended to organize various artistic activities to improve the connection of autistic juveniles and their families with the whole society.

    Ms.Yamazaki's belief in the care for autistic children and their families and YA-MAN's efforts to make females more beautiful and confident have aroused intense sympathy. Ecolite's chairman, Anderson Wang, remarked that public welfare means a lot, and wished that the cooperation between YA-MAN and Hai Kang Bei help more autistic children and their families, and make their family life better, so as to bloom a beautiful life.

    YA-MAN and Hai Kang Bei Foundation held a signing ceremony to formally start their cooperation in the public welfare project. These two parties will organize funding for autistic children, and, by means of training, competition and social community activities in music and paining, awaken the potentials of autistic juveniles, stimulate their self-reliance and self-improvement, open up the channel for their families to connect with the society and boost social harmony.

    In the end, the "Piano Prodigy" of Hai Kang Bei Foundation-autistic youngster Liu Mingkang-performed a piano solo. The exceptional talent and outstanding aptness of Liu Mingkang in playing piano have been highly evaluated and appreciated by piano masters like Liu Shikun, Richard Clayderman, Maksim and Lang Lang. His success has inspired lots of autistic juveniles to choose and persist in arts. By way of melodious music, the inner world of autistic children can be accessed, which is touching and full of love.

    This launch has been supported by each major media and various fashionistas, and broadcast live on each major live streaming platform. The solid support extended by cooperating platforms including,,,,, is particularly appreciated.

    YA-MAN will always stick to its belief of "Health and Beauty", and allow you to make the best of salon-grade care at home.