Ecolite, in the name of "providing you with a high-quality life", sets up an Ecolite R&D team to focus on doing research on problem of water quality in China. Ecolite's water filter is capable of improving the taste and smell of water by means of removing impurity and precipitate. In the future, Ecolite will carry on its cooperate belief in "providing you with a high-quality life", dedicated to bringing in better products for "a happy household life" and promoting the overall quality of civil life.

Vermicular, a famous Japanese cookware brand, has been dedicated to creating highest quality and safe pots handmade by conscientious craftsmen. The pot's body and lid are built to a 0.01 mm accuracy to perfectly fit each other, which realizes waterless cooking and about half lesser loss of vitamins, compared to other way of cooking. Besides, Vermicular utilizes exclusive innovative heating system, to improve ingredients' intense flavor.

OSAMA, a popular Japanese brand of sleeping household products, was established in 2007, and located in Akita, Japan, close to the scenic mountain. Osama insists on the belief of "Pillow suits us" and offering the best and personalized sleeping solution. With its characteristics of hand sewing, soft and flexibility, Osama has been a hot sale in Rakuten and won the title of Best Seller on TBS TV Shopping Channel, along with compliments from famous media.